Evolution and Habitability of Ocean Worlds
Jack madden nai proposalcover renderfinal2

Each world has a story to tell...

Jack madden nai proposalcovertitle

Cover with title and list of contributors.

Jack madden 3planets

An ocean world can come in many forms. From icy to algae covered and anywhere in between.

Jack madden nai proposalcover render cutaway1

An accurate, to-scale, cut-away of the different sections in the Earth's interior.

Jack madden cornerplanets

Using NASA imagery, a small, high-res section of the Maine coast looks like a new alien world when blown up to cover an entire planet.

Jack madden planetprocess

I used Mathematica to generate terrain maps for some of the planets. I used a diamond-square method, which I explain and provide a copy of the code on my blog.

Jack madden oldmars3 copy

Using altimetry data from NASA's Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter and Mathematica I created maps of Mars with different water levels and colors.

Jack madden screen shot 2017 06 26 at 4 43 31 pm copy

Under the hood view of the arrangement and compositor.

Evolution and Habitability of Ocean Worlds

This was the cover for a grant proposal on the evolution and habitability of ocean worlds. Each of the 4 spokes of this explosive cover depicted an aspect of the proposal. This was my first major 3D project and took a solid week after having only downloaded Blender the week prior!

More artwork
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