GJ 357
Jack madden gl357clear

The GJ 357 system showing b and c in the distance with d in the foreground.

Jack madden gl357dclose

GJ 357 d

Jack madden gl357dalone

GJ 357 d - the outermost planet in the system and within the habitable zone.

Jack madden gl357c

GJ 357 c - the second planet in the system.

Jack madden gl357b

GJ 357 b - the inner most planet.

Jack madden gj357 hz diagram

Diagram showing the orbits of the planets compared with our Solar System.

GJ 357

GJ 357 is a system 9.4 parsecs away that contains 3 known planets one of which, d, lies in the habitable zone. The host star is a cool, red, M star allowing GJ 357 d to sit just 0.2 AU from the star and remain temperate enough to potentially host life similar to Earth. I helped model the potential climates that GJ 357d could have that would make it was habitable while making these press images.

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